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about us

james cowan, director

James Cowan photo

I worked for many years in private sector and government IT, in New Zealand and in the UK, in programming, analysis and management roles. In 2012, coincident with the end of a contract, I realised I was getting less and less satisfaction from being involved with computers. So I gave up the world of technology, offices and commuting, and having for a long time advised and mentored colleagues on the format and content of documents, I decided to get formal training as an editor and make this my business instead.

I have been an avid and eclectic reader throughout my life: history, science, fiction, science fiction, non-fiction, philosophy, business, English classics, economics; it's a long list. So not only do I bring to my work wide experience in business, I have a familiarity with a broad range of writing styles and content to draw on as an editor. And an interest in good, clear writing. I also collect reference books.

A hobby is photography, particularly of animals; to see something of what I do with a few of them, please click here.

Because I make huge use of Wikipedia in my work and in other fields, I am a regular donor to it through their donation page. I would encourage you to do the same! And they bill in my local currency, not $US, which makes the accounting simple.


Perfectly Worded has access to a number of other qualified proofreaders for those times when we have too much work. If we employ a contractor for your work, we will manage the relationship on your behalf, and will warrant the quality of the work as if we had carried it out ourselves.

areas we serve

We are based on the North Shore of Auckland, so we will be happiest working with clients local to us. This does not mean that we would refuse to accept commissions from farther afield — if you need us, we will be there for you.

the company

Perfectly Worded is a limited liability company, number 1955833 in the NZ Registry. We bank with the ASB bank. The company is registered for GST.

the website

The website was developed and is maintained in-house.

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