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Blogs about proofreading and writing using automation

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Using a proofreading service versus software Posted on 02 November 2016 by James Cowan in Automation; Proofreading

I suppose if you can teach a car to drive itself by learning from how a lot of people drive (although that can lead to questions about how you pick the exemplars), it should be possible to teach software to proofread any manuscript and render it polished and perfect. However, I remain open to conviction. (And the issue of choosing examples remains!) To start with, terms. "Proofreading service" means someone like Perfectly Worded, a group of folks who live in ... Read more

Dictating to your computer Posted on 29 January 2017 by James Cowan in Automation; Writing

I have mentioned dictation software a few times in my blogs on Troublesome Words, having had limited experience of its use. For purposes of this post, I went back and tried again, with better results than I had anticipated. There is quite a lot of reasonable dictation software around, also sometimes called "voice [or speech] recognition" software. There is even free software in Windows, which I have found to be as good as a quite expensive offering. And it didn't need ... Read more

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