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Blogs about blogging

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Some of the mechanicals of blogging Posted on 15 July 2016 by James Cowan in Blogs about blogging; Proofreading

I am very conscious of the way documents, including emails and blogs, read. And of course, beside the message you want to share, the way you put it together is also a message. So let me explain what I do when I am setting up a blog entry. The most fundamental thing I do is to write it offline, in a word-processor. This gives me ... Read more

Think about your writing! Posted on 22 November 2016 by James Cowan in Blogs about blogging; Writing

As I write my blog posts, I try to ensure that I express exactly what I mean to in a way that I don't assume you, Dear eader, need to understand anything that I have not made explicit. So everything you need to know to comprehend the post before you is itself before you. Not, as they say, rocket science. I take this rule further, when I am proofreading the work of others. If what they are trying to say requires that I, in my role as a reader, bring specialist information to that role, then the writing is not ... Read more

Thoughts about blogging 2 Posted on 2 December 2016 by James Cowan in Blogs about blogging

Because I have come to the art (science?) of blogging relatively recently, and because I have had a number of ideas come to me sooner than they were needed, I have been writing my blogs way ahead of the time I need them. At the time I started this entry, it was one of 15 unpublished blogs. I post about every 10 days, so if all the ones I had not yet posted (including this one) was complete, I would ... Read more

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