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Posted in September 2017

Troublesome words 7 Posted on 08 September 2017 by James Cowan in Troublesome words

There are a lot of words which end either in "-ice" or in "-ise" – for example advice and advise, device and devise – which have different meanings, and occasionally (actually, I think, only the ones already mentioned!) have a different pronunciation. There are quite a lot, too, which have different spellings due to local idiosyncrasies – "defence" does not exist in the USA, although "defensive" is used in both US and real English. However, as I am in an English-speaking ...Read more

More on Abstraction Posted on 18 September 2017 by James Cowan in General Semantics

There is more to abstraction, and this time it is in the lap of the beholder. If you, in the role of listener or reader, become aware that an abstraction is (or even may be) being used and that its parameters (i.e. that the qualities of an item which are pertinent to the discussion) have not been made clear, then it is up to you either to analyse what you are hearing or reading to try and identify them, or ... Read more

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