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services we offer

Perfectly Worded offers proofreading (also sometimes called "copyediting" or "technical editing") services in a range of disciplines; we also check website and blog content.

what we do for all work

We can process work in hard copy, in MS-Word, and (for websites) online. Our preference is to work on MS-Word files, as that makes it easier for you to accept or reject our suggested changes. It also makes it cheaper, as we don't have to produce a separate report – which can add about a quarter to the time taken (and hence to the bill). When we are proofreading, as well as checking the usual punctuation, spelling, word choice, grammar and consistency (e.g. of how numbers are spelled or not), we also check for such things as contradictions (things don't change from true to false); repetition; non-plain English; jargon and cliché. And where appropriate we may also comment on illustrations and other graphics (including tables) if quality, captioning or general appropriateness appear to be at fault.


We proofread and appraise websites, meaning we check that the site is fit for purpose, works well (has no dead links), and behaves predictably when buttons are clicked and pages swapped.

academic projects

For academic work, as well as our normal proofreading checks we also verify that references are properly formatted; citations and references match (i.e. all references are cited, and all citations have a reference in the table). Please note that where your institution has guidelines for external proofreaders, we will follow them.

what we are doing, and what it might cost

Throughout the process, we try to make what you are saying clearer, as well as improving the reader's experience. And we only suggest changes; it is up to you to decide whether the suggestions have merit, or not.

To find out how we charge for proofreading, and to request an estimate, please click here.

Unless you have your own style guide, we will make our standard changes to wording, punctuation, etc.

If you do not have your own style guide, and feel the need for one to establish your business' way of writing, particular words to be used in specialist circumstances, standards for abbreviations, etc., we can assist with developing the documentation and training required. This service is not based on an estimate, as each style guide is unique (though we do have a template to use as a starting point). Please contact us to start a conversation about what you need, using the Contact page.

Please note that we use English (NZ) spellings and grammatical conventions, unless requested otherwise.

To obtain a free "guesstimate" for a proofread of your work, please complete and submit the form below, and we will respond as soon as we are able:

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