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Any way, shape or form 10/06/17
Learning curve 30/07/17
Part and parcel 10/06/17
Steep learning curve 30/07/17
This point in time 30/07/17
UFO 30/07/17
Wake-up call 30/07/17
Whole nine yards 10/06/17

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Troubling phrases Posted on 10 June 2017 by James Cowan in Troubling phrases

I have long thought a number of phrases had little point or purpose, and recently the over-use of one on the radio caught my cynical ear. Granted, I am a proofreader, so I really should confine my comments to the written word and the management thereof, but some clichés are so annoying that they deserve to be highlighted and proscribed. And if they crop up in speech, inevitably they are cropping up in text as well – if you think in ... Read more

Troubling phrases 2 Posted on 30 July 2017 by James Cowan in Troubling phrases

I saw the other day a magazine entitled "UFOlogy" on the same shelf as New Scientist in the local corner store. As if there really was a science devoted to "UFOs". A UFO is an Unidentified Flying Object. So the science is devoted to the unknown. Sounds terribly metaphysical. But why should any flying object be "unknown"? Does it mean "Not yet identified", in the way that a mate of mine used to say that a fish in a rock ... Read more

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